Professional Services and Risk Mitigation Strategies in Kennewick, WA

You can be better prepared to assess, monitor, and manage risk through our services and risk mitigation strategies in Kennewick, WA. Options and actions we can take to improve opportunities. We will lead you through a step-by-step approach while designing a tailored financial program to help you feel secure in your selections. 

Our mission is to protect and enhance our client's financial resources, thus ensuring their security and quality of life by providing good insurance management services.

We will develop relevant strategies to suit your vision and objectives once your goals have been identified. Using the following products and services, we can assist you in implementing a sound financial strategy:

  • Tax Assessment 
  • Social Security & Medicare Planning
  • Retirement strategies 
  • Estate conservation
  • Insurance and Index Insurance Products




Tom Doncaster does not offer legal or tax advice. Please consult the appropriate professional regarding your individual circumstance.

Fixed Annuities are long term insurance contacts and there is a surrender charge imposed generally during the first 5 to 7 years that you own the annuity contract. Withdrawals prior to age 59-1/2 may result in a 10% IRS tax penalty, in addition to any ordinary income tax. Any guarantees of the annuity are backed by the financial strength of the underlying insurance company.